Dogs Like Being Pet

Why Do Dogs Like Being Pet

Dogs are cute, sweet and emotional best animal friends we have. Historically we date them from the stone age as the first domesticated animals. We love being them, being protected by them and showing good emotions back to tap their back. The big question however is, does your little buddy like being petted?

The simple answer is yes. At an experiment, when you call your dog over and make it sit for you to hug it or caress, they always stretch their paws and bring your hands back to the body to signal you not to stop or moving their body closer to for them to feel your body too. Though not scientifically proven, below are the assumptions that Vets and Scientists make to approve that dogs really do like petting more than you may think.

1.For bonding

Dogs like it when humans touch them. Distinctively, they know when you call them sweet names or give them a bone after some good work signal. A study by the University of Florida proved that dogs like a combination of both physical petting and vocal love. Hugging, Scratching the dog’s upper chest, Ears, Belly and Butt Area plus a “good boy” pat will help the dog happy and excited at your sight.

Besides, on the first parenting days and human bonding with the pet, it determines who the owner is not for how much you give it food and water, but how much your pet and be friendly to it. It comforts and trusts you and knows that you have accepted to own it good.

The “feel good” feeling

Your buddy just feels great when you pat it, the same chemistry with humans. It is said that a lot of nerves are available at the dog’s tail, at stimulation, it responds by shoving back and forth it’s tail in the air. Whenever you pet your dog however, your dog might not do this due to concentrating on the good feeling or maybe swing its tail a little. After the petting though, you will notice the tail swing vibrantly, and that’s the chemical reaction of it communicating to you, “Awwh!, that felt good, thank you!”.

3.Health benefits

Petting your dog helps in a lot of health benefits, inclusive of reduced blood pressure and tension. Sometimes your dog might feel emotional tension or break down. Hugging it and petting it will make get closer to you and confide in you. Eventually, it will let loose and stop being depressed due to this activity. Blood pressure level too reduces consequently, the same case that happens to us too.

4. Determines emotional attachment and sense

Ranked as the most highly emotional creatures, dogs connect with you emotionally and read your mood according to much you pet them. They well understand the eye contact and hand pointing gesture well than creatures like wolves, which think these two gestures as threats.

Through looking into your dog’s eyes, you all both produce Oxytocin hormones which are responsible for the amount of kindness and trust we give a person. It is proved that the Oxytocin level rises in the dog’s system by 110% during eye contact. The dog emotionally attaches eventually.

Dogs truly love being pet more than ever, and it is encouraged for your relationship with it. To find out more benefits and how to pet them the right way, visit All the best in relating to your little pet friend.

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